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Mikawa corporation
President Yuji Takeuchi
Foundation May 7, 1982
Capital 10 million yen
Location 3-6-12, Shiratori, Katsushika-ku, Tokyo, Japan
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TEL 03-3604-7884 
FAX 03-3601-3816
E-Mail mikawatk@sepia.ocn.ne.jp
Business hours weekday9:00-18:00 Saturday9:00-12:00
(Holiday: Sunday, national holiday)
Handling Items pocket cig. lighter(trademark-JACKSON、FRAME GUY)、watch, a jewel and accessories, leading glasses, premiums, supplement,health & beauty care goods
Tokyo metoroporitan
gaverment gavernor
licence No.
The medical licence No.13BY006014
Chamber-of -commerce member
A member of smoking assosiation Japan
President Takeuchi
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