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Chouja is sun-dried salt which the sea and the sun cherished.
Since it is natural salt, the taste is mellow even if you makes it for one night salted [pickled] vegetables
When you cook boiled rice , add a half teaspoon of salt , you can find -- puffily -- glossily boiled rice

Useing the Chouja salt for washing a glass , a plate and a dish -- oil and detergent smell can be taken shapely , you can all enjoy true tastes, such as wine and beer - since it is soft salt, there is also no fear of damaging tableware

Please use this Chouja salt for daily toothbrushing massage.
--It makes your tooth and gums.fresh
Chouja salt is food very delicious -- sun dried salt. Additionaly many users have used regularly for a long time for cosmetics or health     
●The difference SM and SR
SM Although it is very soft salt, there is SUKURABU (grain of salt). SR is a feel like powder. Since both are very nice salt, please choose your favorite one
entering is in a state like the bag of sugar. That by which entering 50g went into the small bag is 500g in total in ten bags. Although it is comparatively high-priced, you can have easily to a travel etc. 1入りはお砂糖の袋のような状態です。   50g入りは小袋に入ったものが10袋で合計500gです。 割高ですが旅行などへお手軽にお持ちいただけます。
Chouja SM salt
¥1,500 1kg per a pack
Chouja small pack 50g packx10
¥1,000   the the best for a travel  
Chouja SR 1kg per pack
\1, 800
it is a particle finer than SM salt
Chouja SR small pack 50g入りx10
The mentioned prece is retail price.
We can export those goods for parsonarl use and business use.
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