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        How to make an original cigarette lighter
Makeing Original Model         Making original design to the cig.lighter
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   A color and a original design are given to a cig.lighter.
    A name is printed or engraved on a cig.lighter.
Explanation Explanation
A drawing is written and a mould is made.(case, inner tank, push button,etc) The mould cost depends on the model kinds(the flint type, the electronic type, the turbo type, oil type etc.)
In this case, the expense of the model cost and a product unit price are decided by the kinds,and complexity of the form. Delivery time needs about 45days -60days.
We will quote you according your request.
     The processing method changes with quality of the materials of the body of a cig.lighter. When naming or putting design on a cig.lighter , there are many methods, ex. printing , painting, engraving, etching,etc. An original cig. lighter can be made even from one. But it is nessesary to pay the art work cost.
It depends method, so please ask us about the cost, delivery and details.
Now, Try to get your favorite cigarette lighter!